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Several days of sporadic bombing around Latifiya and Arab Jabour culminated around 8 a. Thursday in concentrated airstrikes near the two towns, according to Abu Amna, a tribal chief who lives in the area. Amna is a leader of one of hundreds of groups known as Concerned Local Citizens, a Sunni Arab tribal movement that has turned against Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia.

Terry Ferrell, commander of the Second Brigade, Third Infantry Division, said that an extraordinary amount of firepower was necessary to clear areas that American forces had long neglected. During a house search in Diyala on Wednesday, six American soldiers and an interpreter of unknown nationality were killed when insurgents detonated a bomb inside the structure. Colonel Ferrell said that insurgents near Latifiya and Arab Jabour had built elaborate defenses, including roads lined with powerful bombs, booby-trapped houses and ambush positions.

The bombing run was also intended to dislodge insurgents from their hiding places, said Maj. Uthman Al-Ghanimi, commander of the Eighth Division of the Iraqi Army, which provided the bulk of the ground forces for the attack. The general said that about Iraqi soldiers and American soldiers took part in the assault. One measure of the sophistication of the insurgents, many of whom are former Iraqi military officers, is that their hide-outs and weapons caches were placed in a remote area between two Iraqi Army divisions, General Ghanimi said.

American and Iraqi officials said that the airstrikes destroyed several weapons caches, a car bomb and two houses rigged with explosives. During the air assault, United States helicopters carried Iraqi and American soldiers into the area to conduct a ground sweep and to block fleeing suspected insurgents, according to another high-ranking Iraqi Army officer who declined to be identified because he is not allowed to speak to the news media. View all New York Times newsletters. American military officials praised the tribal militias for providing information on insurgent locations, weapons stores and ambush sites.

Sunni Arab militias, about 80, members strong throughout Iraq, have brought relative calm to many areas in western Anbar Province and Baghdad that had long resisted security operations by American and Iraqi forces.

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Ammar Falah, another tribal militia member near Latifiya, said that he and his fellow tribesmen had been fighting Qaeda insurgents since last month. Falah said.

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  8. After we took control of these towns, we held a celebration and we were able to bring back out of families that had been displaced by Al Qaeda. Falah said that civilian casualties in his area were avoided Thursday because American forces instructed his group to warn residents to leave the area. Nothing is more useful for the opponents of the war than the use of such a powerful talismanic word. There is no better example of this than the tragic bombings in London, so similar to those in Madrid last year. In all the news coverage of this most recent act of terrorism, one word was very conspicuous for its absence.

    The word insurgent was not used a single time. Reporters called them exactly what they are: terrorists. Yet what is the difference between those who bombed innocent civilians in London and those who are killing innocent civilians in Iraq? In the former case the terrorists faced only frightened civilians in the latter they face determined soldiers. Those with a declaredly liberal mindset have a serious problem not only with the war in Iraq but war in general and the military specifically.

    In the post-September 11 world, however, to make a frontal assault against our military is tantamount to being un-patriotic. Proof of this was the tsunami of indignation which recently engulfed Sen. He compared the treatment we give our prisoners at Gitmo to the slaughter carried out by a genocidal maniac like Pol Pot.

    The War of Words: What is an Insurgent?

    Our soldiers who fight terrorists in the Middle East did not choose the field of battle yet fight with a nobility that is often overlooked. They deserve our undying respect and gratitude but unfortunately what they are getting in the press back home is word manipulation which can only be seen as deceptive.

    Alongside the deadly conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan there is a more important struggle being waged right here at home. It is a battle for the hearts and minds of Americans. With the widespread use of a talismanic word, it appears obvious that some people are visibly uncomfortable with our desire to win these wars.

    Comments Policy: TFP. Comments and opinions expressed by users do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of TFP. All rights reserved. Store Donate. Candor is attacked by the Dauntless who have sided with Jeanine, and many are shot with metal disks.

    American Insurgents, American Patriots

    Four shows up to save Tris, then executes Eric for his crimes. Meanwhile, Jeanine, frustrated that none of the Divergent subjects survived the simulations required to open the box, is approached by Peter, who suggests the best way to get to Tris is by exploiting her selfless Abnegation upbringing. Back at the Factionless base, Four reluctantly agrees with Evelyn that war is inevitable. Jeanine activates the disks, which are a mind control device that causes Christina and her friends Marlene and Hector to robotically walk towards a ledge while asking for Tris's surrender.

    Tris and Tori manage to grab Christina and Hector in time, but Marlene plunges to her death. Overcome by guilt, Tris decides to turn herself in to Jeanine. At the Erudite headquarters, Tris threatens to kill herself rather than comply, but is stopped by the presence of Caleb, who fully recommitted to Erudite. Tris agrees to undergo the trials provided that the suicides cease.

    American Insurgent (Audiobook) by Phil Rabalais |

    Under Jeanine, Caleb and Peter's watch, Tris overcomes the first four simulations before requiring rest. The next day, after discovering Four was captured while trying to rescue her, she fails the Amity trial and her vital signs cease, to Jeanine's shock. Peter takes her body to Four, reveals he faked her death and assists Four in overpowering the guards. Tris is now determined to unveil the box's message, so with Peter's help they return to the simulation room and she successfully opens the box in front of everyone.

    A hologram explains that the walled city and the faction system were part of an experiment, with the Divergents as its ultimate goal; the world is waiting outside for them to rejoin it. Realizing she has lost all her power, Jeanine orders the box buried and Four and Tris executed. However, the Factionless break into the room, incapacitate Max and rescue Tris and Four. Jeanine and Caleb are arrested and the message is broadcast to the entire city. Hailed as a hero, Tris is eager to explore the outside world. In her cell, Jeanine wonders what might lie beyond the wall.

    American Insurgent - False Flag

    Evelyn tells her she will never find out, then kills her. In December , Summit Entertainment announced that a film adaptation of Insurgent would be released as The Divergent Series: Insurgent on March 20, , [6] as a sequel to the film adaptation of Divergent with Brian Duffield originally chosen to write the script for the film. Filming began in Atlanta on May 27, , [29] [30] and concluded on September 6, In late August to early September, filming again moved to Atlanta.

    From August 28—29 and September 2—6, , more scenes were filmed at the Archives Building in Atlanta. In November , it was announced that composer Joseph Trapanese would score the film. Instead of a song-based soundtrack, the film relied on the score, which is darker and more intense than the first one.

    It is the first film of the series to be released in 3D formats and the second film in the franchise to be released in IMAX following the first film. On October 22, , after a few clues were given on the official Instagram page, www. The teaser trailer for The Divergent Series: Insurgent officially debuted online through the film's official YouTube account on November 12, Insurgent was released in a total of 82 countries internationally.

    The Divergent Series: Insurgent received mixed to negative reviews from critics.

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    The website's critical consensus reads, "Shailene Woodley gives it her all, but Insurgent is still a resounding step back for a franchise struggling to distinguish itself from the dystopian YA crowd. Many critics praised Shailene Woodley 's performance, as well as some of the main cast. Kimmel said, "Woodley does solid work here as she's done elsewhere, and continues to be someone to watch. Sullivan of Entertainment Weekly writing that, "Taken for what it is, Insurgent is a vast improvement over the franchise's first installment, mostly thanks to expansion in two arenas: budget and scope," [72] and Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times calling it "A more effective, adult-friendly film than its predecessor.

    Tom Russo of The Boston Globe gave the film a positive review, calling it "a sequel that sticks to more routine territory of action, angst, and dystopian gloom — mostly a sound approach, thanks to the consistent strength of franchise lead Shailene Woodley and a mix of intended and inadvertent surprises.

    On April 11, , Summit Entertainment announced that a two-part film based on the final book in the Divergent trilogy, Allegiant , would be made. The first part, The Divergent Series: Allegiant , would be due for release on March 18, , while the second part, The Divergent Series: Ascendant , would be released on June 9, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film.

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    For the novel on which it is based, see Insurgent novel. Theatrical release poster. See also: List of The Divergent trilogy characters. Main article: The Divergent Series: Allegiant. British Board of Film Classification. March 6, Retrieved March 6, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved December 23, Retrieved May 27,