Chicago’s Mob Bosses: From Accardo to Zizzo (The Chicago Mob Series)

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His killer has never been charged. Pilotto, who was facing a labor racketeering trial in Florida, did not cooperate with the government. He was convicted in , and is now serving a year prison sentence. After Pilotto's conviction, Albert "Sir Albert" Tocco of Chicago Heights moved in to take over the south suburban and Northwest Indiana mob, or so say some mobologists. Others disagree. Tocco was THE man, I am sure of that, there is no doubt in my mind. Whatever the case, Tocco was active in Northwest Indiana, particularly in the area of "chop shops," where stolen cars would be brought to be disassembled into parts that would then be sold.

Tocco and Clarence Crockett , one of his tax collectors, were charged in in a federal indictment with running a major extortion racket in the south suburbs and Northwest Indiana from to After Tocco's indictment, on Oct. Bonnets owns a limousine service in Gary's Miller neighborhood, and Fishman, who owns an auto wrecking yard on Chicago's East Side, lives in St. In , Chicago police raided Fishman's auto yard on th Street, looking for stolen cars or parts. When a newspaper photographer walked onto the scene, Fishman threatened her and snapped the camera from around her neck, flinging it onto the roof of his one-story office.

Police retrieved the broken camera, and the photographer filed a criminal damage to property complaint against Fishman. The following day, the photographer's car exploded on the street in front of her home on Chicago's East Side. She dropped the damage charges and was not bothered again.

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Fishman was never charged with the damage, nor was he linked to the auto bombing. Charges brought against him from the raid were later dropped on a technicality.

Timeline of organized crime in Chicago

Fred Bemish, head of the Gary Police vice squad. They figured wrong. From October to May , Bemish took bribes from these gambling figures, from the low levels up to the mob's man on the street, Anthony Leone. In return, he promised protection from the Gary police and would stage raids on non-paying competitors. All the time, he was compiling information that led to the indictment of Leone and more than a dozen others in on illegal gambling charges.

It was a lonely game Bemish played. But I was never threatened, before or after they knew what I was really doing," he said. All I had to do was play to their greed. I presented myself as a corrupt officer, and the greed factor took over. Then Shivers brought me some other people," he said.

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Shivers , also of Gary, were arrested July 27, , on gambling charges. It worked to the point where Bemish met with Leone, former mill foreman and pizza maker turned Outfit "street tax" collector, about bigger fish. Both were indicted for racketeering in December Nuzzo is incarcerated awaiting trial; Sfouris has allegedly fled the country for Greece. Pee Wee checked me out thoroughly, asked some of his contacts on the Gary force about me, asked me straight out if I was with the feds, if I was working with the FBI," Bemish said.

So Lozada felt I was like him, just trying to hustle a buck. He thought I betrayed him because I was honest. He saw honesty as betrayal. What can you do? He is now out. Several others happened in nearby southern Cook County and two others in adjacent Will County. All but one remain officially unsolved. He was convicted in December of the murder and sentenced to life in prison.

He was said to have believed Chorak ordered him killed for alleged cooperation with authorities. Rodish escaped from prison, where he was serving time for auto theft and bribery, and followed Chorak for a month before killing him. Two vans filled with gunmen attacked Dauber's Oldsmobile, riddling it and its passengers with bullets. No one was ever charged with the Dauber murders, but local and federal authorities have several suspects.

At least one, Calumet Region drug figure John Greichunos , is dead of an apparent suicide. Another is in a federal witness protection program. Chorak's death came less than two months after the murder of Robert "Pitsy" Subatich , 44, of Calumet City, a reputed "chop shop" operator who had also once owned the Mugs and Pits Tavern on Chicago's East Side.

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  6. Subatich, who was believed ready to be indicted, was found shot to death in the trunk of his car Jan. No one has been charged.

    Perhaps the most stellar of mob executions in this area was the murder of Anthony Spilotro , the head of Outfit operations in Las Vegas, who was found buried in a cornfield in Newton County, along with his brother, Michael , a minor mob figure. Anthony Spilotro, once a hit man for the notorious Chicago gangster Sam "Mad Sam" DeStefano - who was slain in the driveway of his home - had been indicted and was reportedly too flashy and high-profile for the new head of the Outfit, Joseph Ferriola.

    Although no one was ever charged with the murders, an FBI memo from a conversation with Betty Tocco , wife of former Chicago Heights mob boss Albert Tocco , shed some light on what may have happened.

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    All but Palermo dug a deep grave inside the Willow Slough preserve in Newton County, the memo said, and threw in the alive but unconscious Spilotro brothers. Palermo and Guzzino were indicted in December for gambling conspiracy but never for the Spilotro killings. Roviaro, who owns a Hammond beverage distributorship, has never been charged with anything, and Tocco is in prison on an unrelated conviction.

    The latest local killing occurred Aug.

    Timeline of organized crime in Chicago -

    Someone outside shot through the door, hitting Pronger in the wrist. As the door gave way, Pronger fell back and was shot once in the chest. Investigators have three theories about the Pronger killing: a mob hit, a former associate or an angry wife. The former associate theory says that an associate owed Pronger money in connection with a narcotics deal, and the wife theory said his wife, a much younger woman, had a boyfriend on the side and decided to get rid of Pronger without getting rid of the house, cars and bank accounts.

    None of the theories have ever advanced beyond the investigation stage. Pronger, who was out on an appeal bond for stealing a truck in Chicago in , was also allegedly a cocaine supplier for local dealers. Chicago police said a substantial amount of cocaine was found in the stolen Ford pickup when they stopped it in Calumet Park, Ill. His brother, Robert "Mr. Big" Pronger , a major player in Calumet Region chop shop operations in the s and early s, was reported missing in A decomposed body, believed to be Robert Pronger's, was found in a wooded area in Griffith the following year.

    The FBI and Chicago police acknowledge that Accardo plays a role, but both say he serves as a consigliere, or a counselor, an advisor - sort of an elder statesman whose advice is respected and most often taken. Accardo of Barrington Hills, Ill. Valentine's Day Massacre , where six members of rival George "Bugs" Moran's gang and a hanger-on were machine-gunned inside a garage on North Clark Street.

    Although newspapers hung the nickname "Big Tuna" on Accardo - because of a picture taken of him with an enormous fish he had caught - his mob compatriots call him "Joe Batters," a reference to his handiness with a baseball bat on the heads of Capone enemies. If it all sounds too much like something out of "The Godfather" to be true, consider that law enforcement surveillance recently saw mobster Richard "The Cat" Catezone , from Chicago's Bridgeport area, celebrating his release from prison on extortion charges with a big blowout on Rush Street.

    These , year-old punks from Bridgeport were kissing the ring of this guy - a fat, bald nobody," said one of the officers. And they were kissing his ring. It made me sick. First of all, you have to have an Italian family, and in places like Indianapolis, there is no LCN residing there.

    The traditional Italian organized crime family structure, although firmly in place in areas with large Italian populations like New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and Kansas City, is inevitably going to suffer from the same force that created it: immigration. As Asians flow into the United States, displaced from Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand and Cambodia, they are quickly forming their own secret crime societies. There have always been the tongs, or Chinese secret organizations, but they have usually restricted their activities to predominantly Chinese areas and population.

    Russians, too, are immigrating in huge numbers while the door of glasnost remains open, and they likewise are bringing a traditional organized crime structure with them. Federal authorities already have convicted some Russian organized crime figures in New York and California. In some markets, alliances have been formed between the old and new organized crime syndicates.