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Recall that dog genes have been shuffled around for millennia to suit human needs.

Cat-to-dog introductions

This brings us back to the evolution issue. Dogs, not so much.

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That lack of mystery might have something to do with why Hollywood, the media and the general populace is more inclined to relate to dogs than cats, notes Mikel Delgado, a scientist at the University of California, Berkeley and a professional cat behavior consultant. Dogs, by comparison, are thought to act on their whims and readily reflect what seem to humans to be familiar emotions.

This goes for communication, too. Genetically speaking, though, cats come out of the box less programmed to socialize with humans than dogs do.

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In fact, they treat humans much as they treat other cats, says Bradshaw. Cats also tend to be much less reliant on people than dogs are. They are good at taking care of themselves—e.


They found that cat-lovers tended to be less cooperative, compassionate, and outgoing than those who dig dogs, and tended toward more anxiety and depression. Cat people were also found to be more artistic and intellectually curious than dog people.

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Top 50 Names for Cats. Tigger 2. Tiger 3.

Max 4. Smokey 5.

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  • Sam 6. Kitty 7.

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    Sassy 8. Shadow 9. Simba Patch Misty Sammy Princess Oreo Samantha Boots Precious Oscar Whiskers Taz Midnight Buddy Baby Spike Rusty Pumpkin Jake Alex Maggie Callie Buster Rocky Pepper Chloe Registrations May 1 - December These fees do include late fees and fines for all dogs and cats registered after April 1, Look for more information each year on the annual contest. There are no entry fees or tickets to buy to enter the contest. Simply register your dog s and cat s by the deadline of April 1st and they are entered into the contest. The lucky tag numbers will be drawn at the first meeting in April each year by the City Council.