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Do you think Emmett Till cared about the national anthem being played at sports venues across the nation in when a gang of white men beat, mutilated and shot him, tossing his dead corpse into the Tallahatchie River because he flirted with a white girl in a Jim Crow-south, where that action from a black man was strictly prohibited? Did his mother grasp her heart to the melody when every man involved in the murder was acquitted? Was the anthem important to the Little Rock Nine, who were famously blocked from entering Central High by the national guard just three years later?

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Black kids stopped abruptly by our own military from entering the classroom? Fast forward to today, and we watch a black athlete in Colin Kaepernick spearhead the kneeling movement.

Like some Pittsburghers are doing to Tomlin present day, they cast aspersions on the identity of the theners quarterback. Nobody cares to listen to reason anymore.

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To support him and other black athletes kneeling, sitting or completely dismissing the national anthem pegs the rest of us as draconian liberals with hyperbolic political correctness tendencies. I disagree with many liberal views. I believe in a practical country that should be able to tell the difference between an obsolete song written by a slave owning, independence-dodging hypocrite during a war that no person presently on earth was alive for, and a genuine, personal salute to the brave men and women that protect our way of life every day.

To have a consistency of a historical-to-modern beating as a race. To know that the national anthem never really had you in mind in the first place, because in fact, you were property when it was written.

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Be practical. Know that every serviceman and woman in this country is saluted by all of those standing up against racial inequality. Together as human beings.

Until it becomes a reality, voices and actions need to continue to exercise that freedom of speech in a forum where millions are watching. That is how you make a difference in the land of liberty and justice for all. Create new account Request new password.

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Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. Why it is that democracy as a system of governance has such an incredible appeal to most people? Is it simply because that after centuries of tyranny, genocide, warfare and colonisation, a democratic political framework promised to champion rule of law and individual rights?

Perhaps, we have came to admire its relative superiority over monarchy or autocracy because we believe that such political arrangements are better guarded to protect the interest of communities and masses instead of serving specific individuals or elites.

A difficult question to answer but a sincere reflection of such inquiries will help us understand what a democratic system of governance ought to be. At the heart of its core promise remains the predominance of rule of law and individual rights, and the fine balance between the freedoms that citizens avail and the liberties that they submit to the nation state for benefiting from social order, security and public goods.

But the promise of democracy does not stop here. The very idea is also instrumentally concerned with empowering citizens with the power to decide not only who governs, but how they govern. On the question of who governs, Karl Popper perhaps best illustrated what democracy should have: a political arrangement where the people can oust their leader without the need for a revolution.

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And on the question of how people in charge govern, two issues have dominated theoretical discourse. Firstly, democracies must put in place safe guards so that those who are in charge of the republic are accountable by law plus checks and balances. There is a need to test a different approach, and the Team-of-Teams way of working has emerged, quite naturally, as a coping strategy. Does the concept of Team-of-Teams resonate with you in any way? Do you have an example of a project that used a Team-of-Teams method of working?

Please share your stories in the comments below! This post was written in partnership with Ashoka and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Never Mattered Much

Over the course of the next several months, we will share examples of organizations employing these principles—and the outcomes achieved. We build networks of pattern-changing social innovators and select high-impact entrepreneurs, who creatively solve some of the world's biggest social challenges, to beco Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Organizations around the world are facing similar challenges: As we become increasingly interconnected and the rate of change accelerates, the traditional ways of working do not always serve us or the problems we are looking to address.

Team-of-Teams can be differentiated from traditional teams by four common design principles.