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It also awarded more than 1, contracts to companies. Buying a franchise can help you overcome the challenges that new businesses face when they have to create a name for themselves in a bid to get the attention of their intended target market. When buying a franchise, you also buy mentorship, which is why it is important to make a thorough research on the available franchises so that you do not end up buying what will not be favorable to your business.

Starting a business from scratch is one of the fastest ways for an entrepreneur to thoroughly know and understand the business he or she is going into. As an entrepreneur starting any business anywhere in the world, it is important that you know that threats and challenges are going to crop up at any point in time and so you should be ready to handle them when they do. However, you should note that some of these threats and challenges cannot all be handled and when this happens, it is best that you remain optimistic about your chances of growing and remaining in business.

Some of the threats and challenges that you are likely to face during the course of starting your appliance repair business are; having to deal with intense competition from already existing appliance repair businesses, economic boom that might lead to people not wanting to repair their appliances but buying new ones, and competition from new appliance repair businesses in your location.

How to start an appliance repair business - The Sweaty Startup Podcast Episode 76

There are four legal entities that are available for an entrepreneur looking to start a business in the United States and they are; sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and Limited Liability Company LLC. In a sole proprietorship, the owner is responsible for all the actions and decisions taken during the course of running the business. Should the business run into any losses, the owner will be held personally liable? A large number of appliance repair businesses that started in the United States chose this legal entity and later changed to another when the business has grown tremendously.

In the partnership kind of legal entity, two or more people come together and agree to run a business. All partners are bound to any decision or action taken by any of the partners. The advantage of a partnership over a sole proprietorship is that more people bear the liability should anything go wrong during the course of running the business.

Another advantage of a partnership kind of legal entity is that there are more people to pool funds with which to run the business. In a corporation, the business is regarded as a separate legal entity from the owners. This kind of legal entity is not usually easy to set up and so usually require an attorney to handle it. The Limited Liability Company LLC has a bit of features from all the other kinds of legal entities and so because of its flexibility; it is very popular for entrepreneurs starting their business or looking to change their legal entities from a sole proprietorship or a partnership kind of legal entity.

While starting a business with the aim of maximizing profit is a fantastic idea, without a catchy name for your business, you might find that you are not getting as much customers as you should because a business name is very vital to the impact your business will have in its community. When you are choosing a name for your business, it is important that you chose one that is catchy, unique, memorable and indicative of the industry that you are in.

Below therefore are some catchy business names that you should consider when looking to name your appliance repair company;. Having insurance policies for your business is very mandatory in the United States especially as it is to the benefit of your business to have these policies that will protect your business and not make you pay out of your pocket for any unfortunate circumstances that might occur during the process of starting or running your business.

It is necessary that you not only set aside a budget for the insurance policies which you will purchase but to know which would be best for your business. You can engage the services of an insurance agent or broker who will let you know the right insurance policies that you would need for your business.

Get The Money

Below are some of the basic insurance policies that you should consider purchasing should you be looking to start your appliance repair business in the United States of America;. When starting an appliance repair business, all that is required from you is to ensure that the appliances of your clients are fixed excellently.

As this is a service oriented business, you might not need to bother with applying for intellectual property protection. Some entrepreneurs in the service oriented business however usually apply for intellectual property protection for their company name, logo, slogan, domain name or any other material they deem worthy enough to protect.

If you fall under this category, then it is important that you get in touch with a lawyer to help you out. In the United States, if you are looking to start and run a successful appliance repair business, especially if you are going to be repairing appliances such as refrigeration systems, then you might need to make findings via the U. S Environmental Protection Agency EPA as the agency has made it mandatory to take certification courses for those that will be offering this niche task.

The tests that are needed to be taken involve small appliances, low-pressure systems and high-pressure systems.

Start or Grow Your Business

Individuals must pass these three tests before they can be given a universal certification. There are also optional certifications offered by professional organizations for those looking to provide a boost to their business.

How To Market Your Appliance Repair Company in 3 Easy Steps

Some of the optional professional certifications include;. Even though these certifications are optional, it is to the benefit of your business to have them as it will allow your customers have confidence in your business and also make you stand out from your competitors. When choosing to start any business in the United States either from home or from a commercial facility, and regardless of the size or legal structure chosen, it is important that the business has satisfied all the legal requirements. Some of the legal documents that you will need to run your appliance repair business successfully are;.

Even though sourcing for start-up capital might not be so easy, it is not something that an entrepreneur can escape, which is why it is necessary that you have a comprehensive business plan at hand, especially if you are going to be sourcing for funds from private investors or a commercial bank, as your business plan is the only way by which they can take you seriously. Below are some of the options that are available to you if you are looking for how to finance your appliance repair business;. Deciding on the appropriate location for your business is very important as the right location could cause your business to grow and boom, while the wrong one could cause your business to totter.

When choosing a location, it is important that you choose an area that would be within the hub of your target market as this will allow you to be able to gain the attention of your target market and also be able to compete favorably against your competition. If you are starting off this business on a small scale and do not have the money with which to run your business from a commercial facility, then you might run your business from home and use your garage as your workshop. However, if you will be running this business from home, you should know that your business will not grow beyond a certain limit and that you will not be able to compete fairly against your competitors.

There are several factors that you would need to consider when looking for a facility to run your appliance repair business and they are; nearness to your target market, easy accessibility, conspicuous and strategically placed and conducive enough for your employees. Also, the facility should be within your budget as you would not want to cause a strain on your overall budget by leasing a facility outside your budget. When leasing or renting a facility, you should ensure that you sign a lease agreement that has a back-out clause. For instance, if you sign a 3 year lease, you should be able to back-out in a year if the place is not favorable to your business.

How to Start an Appliance Repair Business in Los Angeles

Engaging the services of a real estate agent is very important as this will enable you work with someone who knows the area and will help you choose a place that will be very appropriate for your appliance repair business. The appliance repair business is one that can be considered very lucrative and this is due to the number of appliances that are being owned by individuals and businesses in the United States of America, and these appliances keep having malfunctions and therefore needing repairs; especially as customers find it more cost effective to fix rather than replace their appliances except for those who would rather buy than fix.

It is therefore important that you engage in a bit of research to determine what area will be profitable for you to go into. However while this business might be one that will bring you a lot of money, you should note that you are prone to injuries, gas leaks and electric shocks during the course of running the business and you should therefore be adequately prepared.

Administratively, you would require computer, phones, printer and software to be able to run your business successfully. Even though the nature of the appliance repair business is one that can allow you the entrepreneur run the business alone and from home; but in order to compete favorably against your competitors, you would need to rent a facility, which means that you would need to employ people to help man the facility too.

From the above analysis, you will need at least 8 people to be able to run your appliance repair business effectively. An appliance repair business is one that helps individuals and businesses to repair and maintain their appliances which may fall into different categories such as household, home and garden equipment. Even though almost anyone can become skilled enough to start repairing appliances, some appliances will require you to have professional certification by the EPA as well as other organizations. When clients bring their faulty appliances to you, it is your duty to check what exactly is wrong with the appliance after listening to your clients describe what went wrong.

Polish repair skills by taking courses, using online tutorials or investing in a full repair education through an accredited college. The single most important aspect of starting a successful business is having the skills to perform the tasks successfully.

Starting an Appliance Repair Business

Incorporate business management courses as well. Develop a business and marketing plan to organize business ideas and to apply for financing. This plan outlines how the business will be funded, managed, marketed and why it will be profitable in the area. Determine financial compatibility or the ability to run a financially successful business by researching and estimating costs and profits in the short term and long term.

Acquire financing as needed for the appliance repair business to pay for start up costs including tools, vehicles and real estate if necessary.

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Obtain a business license through the county or city to perform services within those limits and determine if any local permits are required by contacting the local Chamber of Commerce. Establish a business name, obtain insurance and bonding through a local insurer, and establish an employer identification number EIN through the Internal Revenue Service.

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Begin to advertise through local word of mouth advertising, classifieds both online and offline , and through print ads, such as in newspapers and the phone book. Network with these first clients to establish the business by giving them business cards and asking for repeat business.