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Puzzle 1: The strip clearly has two sides, yes?

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If you were asked to write number 1's all along one side of the strip, and number 2's all along the other side of the strip this would be possible, yes? So could I prevent you from doing this simply by joining the ends of the strip to create a ring or band shape? Puzzle 2: the strip, or now a band is made of paper and if you cut or tear it in half you will have two separate halves, yes?

And these two separate halves will actually be separate, so that they can be placed in two separate pockets, yes? So that you actually still have one joined together strip? You bet. And here's how. Add 1 for each year after this, for example in use and Ask someone or a group: Spell the word 'silk'. They should spell out the letters: S, I, L, K.

While sitting down or standing if you have good balance , lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it. At the same time, repeatedly draw the number 6 in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction and without an awful lot of practice, there's nothing you can do to prevent it.

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This effect seems to be because drawing the number 6 is effectively a counter-clockwise movement which the brain can't reconcile easily with a clockwise one a bit like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. If you draw the six from the middle and end with the up-stroke instead, it doesn't conflict with the clockwise foot motion, because the 6 is now a clockwise motion too. What's strange is how we've evolved to enable same direction movements with different limbs, and to resist opposite ones - There doesn't seem to be a survival benefit from this, unless it's a bi-product of an overall more co-ordinated and therefore more efficient, quicker, athletic movement capability, which would of course have been a survival aid.

Now, think of a tool and a colour. Your answer is.

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Thanks M Ordway. Draw three houses in a horizontal row. Draw three utilities suppliers beneath them: Gas, Water, Electicity. You should now have six points or boxes on your sheet of paper or flip chart. The challenge is to connect each house to each utility supplier without any of the nine connection lines crossing. Think of a number between 1 and Multiply it by 9. If you have two digits add them together. Subtract 5. Think of a country that begins with that letter. Think of an animal that begins with the second letter of that country.

Thanks R Corovic. Do this sum in your head: Start with 1, Add Add 2, Add 1, You need just a few grains of salt. Make a tiny pile of salt on a flat surface and balance the egg on the pile. Then carefully blow away the excess salt, leaving just the few grains actually supporting the egg.

Obviously this needs preparing in advance - if pressed to repeat the trick, place the egg down hard enough to break the shell, which will also enable it to balance. You can prepare a banana so that when someone removes the skin the banana inside is already sliced:. You need just a clean pin.

To make each slice, insert the pin through the banana skin, but not so deep as to enter the skin on the other side. Move the pin sideways in a see-saw motion, using the entry point of the skin as a pivot. Replace the banana in the fruit bowl. A more sophisticated method is as follows: Use a needle and thread rather than a pin. The aim is to thread a loop around the banana under the skin for each slice required. Consider the banana skin to be composed of several angled facets.

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Insert the needle at one facet join where you wish to slice it, and bring it out at the next, so that the thread runs under the skin. Re-insert the needle in the same hole and go along to the next join and so on. Eventually bring the needle out of the original hole. There is now a loop of thread all around the banana under the skin.

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Hold both ends and pull gently. The banana is sliced through using the cheese-wire principle. Repeat the process for each slice. Thanks Michael Green. Six friends visited their local club to play at a pool tournament. There were no other prizes. None of the friends won a single game. Adapted from a puzzle from Alex Sallustio, thanks. Write down any three-digit number, with different first and last digits. Reverse it. Subtract the smaller number from the larger one.

Write down the answer. Reverse it including the zero at the beginning if less than a hundred. Add together both numbers. Your final answer is.

Robbers dingbat answer

This fantastic lateral thinking puzzle makes a great quick warm-up. It will also win you a fortune in pubs and bars the world over. It is essential you practice this before using it in front of an audience. The challenge is simply to balance 14 nails on one single nail which is fixed upright in a block of wood.

The nails must all be the same size - any length provided they have flat heads. The suggested scenario is that due to a last-minute hitch where you are exhibiting your products nails , you your team have just say three to fifteen minutes to devise a way of displaying all 14 nails using only the single fixed nail as a support. None of the other 14 nails can touch anything other than the other loose nails and the fixed nail.

Teams of three are good for this game as it's high-involvement, trail and error, and hands-on; more than five per team will cause people to be left out. Issue each team with fourteen nails and a block of wood with the fifteenth nail hammered into position. Different types and lengths of nails may change the number of nails required, but there must always be an odd number including the fixed nail.

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Thanks to John Rivers for this great puzzle. This is an old fairground game, but can you calculate the mathematical chances of winning with a single go? To win, you must toss a 1 inch diameter coin onto a chequered board comprising 2 inch diameter squares; the coin must come to rest entirely inside a square, not overlapping any other square. Everyone's seen this shape before, but there's more to it than first seems. The Necker Cube provides a fascinating demonstration of how the brain works on a sub-conscious level whether we want it to or not.

Stare at it for a few seconds and it will flip into its alternative perspective. Wait and it will flip back again.

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It's unlikely you'll be able consciously to change the perspective that your brain chooses to see, although blinking might trigger the brain to 'refresh' the image. How do you stick a knitting needle through both sides of an inflated balloon without the balloon bursting? This works on MSExcel 97 if you can still get hold of a copy.

Start program. Press F5. Enter reference XL Press Enter or Okay. Press Tab once. Hold down Shift and Control and at the same time click on the Chart Wizard icon looks like a coloured 3D graph. Move mouse to walk on the moon. F12 to exit.