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Two brothers, born in Amsterdam in and , who became California based rockband Van Halen in Alex, born Alexander Arthur, plays the drums.

The Van Halen Encyclopedia

His younger brother Eddie, born Edward Lodewijk, performs on guitar. Their life stage perfomances were dominated by the flamboyant, hypermasculine persona of frontman Roth and the innovative guitar playing of Eddie. He is generally considered to be one of the ten greatest rock guitarists of the world and by some to be second only to Jimi Hendrix. Alex van Halen photo: Neil Zlozower; published on: www. Their last gigs so far were in Japan in , where they performed in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka from June 18th until the 26th. However, this summer and autumn Van Halen will be on tour again. The fansite www.

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Over 80 million copies of their albums were sold all over the world, which makes Van Halen one of the best-selling bands of all time. In the band entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Eddie was born in Amsterdam on May 5th and Eddie in Amsterdam on January 26th to professional clarinettist and saxophonist Jan van Halen and his wife Eugenie van Beers Her cradle stood in a little village called Rangkasbetoeng Rangkasbitung nowadays in the far western part of Java.

This was the administrative centre of the district Lebak in the residency Bantam. Those who know me know trickery was never my style. During this same time, Danniels had recommended former Extreme singer Gary Cherone as a possible new singer for the band.

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Danniels was the manager for Extreme before the band broke up the previous year. After meeting with him, Van Halen hired Cherone as the new f rontman and began writing songs for a new album. Former singer Hagar returned to his own solo career and released his first album since the breakup in , titled Marching to Mars. At the close of the s, Eddie claimed he was finished with playing musical lead singer in Van Halen.

Whether everyone likes what I do or not is irrelevant. New York , May 11, Shelton, Sonya " Van Halen.

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Shelton, Sonya "Van Halen. Formed: , Pasadena, California. Since Van Halen has spent more time in the gossip pages than on the album charts.

The band began the decade at their commercial height, but a series of drastic missteps found them at a career low just a few years later. Despite their personal problems and frenzied lead-vocalist changes, Van Halen remained the premiere American party rock band, buoyed as ever by Eddie Van Halen's showy guitar technique and escapist songwriting. The sons of a Dutch musician, the boys received classical music training throughout their childhood.

After discovering rock and roll , Alex took up guitar and Eddie learned to play the drums. They soon switched instruments and, after forming the band Mammoth, Eddie developed into a guitar virtuoso, creating a signature stock of sound effects and tricks including "tapping," in which the fingers on the strumming hand bang out a flurry of notes on the neck of the guitar that eventually became de rigeur for heavy metal guitarists.

They changed their name to Van Halen in and soon became the most popular band in the Los Angeles area, with a reputation built on Eddie's guitar playing and Roth's outlandish showmanship. The band released their first album, Van Halen, in , and it promptly went platinum. Less ponderous than the heavy metal of the era, their pop hooks and playful performances made an instant impact on the mainstream.

The band released an album every year until their masterwork , which includes the party staples "Jump," " Panama ," and "Hot for Teacher. By the mids, tensions between Roth and Eddie Van Halen sent the singer packing and on to a solo career. The band recruited the arena rock journeyman Sammy Hagar as lead vocalist, which began a more earnest but no less successful chapter for the band.

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Fans and critics initially balked at the news, but the results were surprisingly solid — Hagar brought a credible party persona as well as a penchant for straight-ahead balladry that satisfied the core audience and broadened the band's mainstream appeal. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge saw the band pumping out anthems with renewed energy and scoring a best-selling single with the uplifting "Right Now.

The — tour was a rousing success. The band ripped through their catalog with energy and conviction. The band reconvened to record Balance in , but new tensions between Eddie and Hagar made for less focused work. Eddie, fresh out of an alcohol rehabilitation program, tired of Hagar's hard-partying ways, and the tour was less successful than its predecessor. A year later the band began to prepare a greatest hits compilation against Hagar's wishes and even recorded two new songs with David Lee Roth.

It has never been revealed whether Hagar then left the band or was fired.

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  • The original Van Halen lineup appeared in public for the first time in twelve years on the MTV Video Awards in September to overwhelming applause. Days later, the band issued a statement claiming that Roth had not been rehired as singer and that they were searching for a new vocalist. The lineup change gave the music a sharp edge — the single "Without You" in particular sounds fresh and forceful. But many tracks feel awkward, mainly because of Eddie's sincere attempts at expanding the band's musical scope with new rhythms and topical lyrics.

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    The audience was not won over. The album and subsequent tour faltered, and Cherone was released from his duties in All signs pointed to another reunion with Roth, who confirmed unofficially that he had been recording new material with the band. News that Eddie Van Halen had been battling cancer halted the momentum.

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    In the band left the Warner Bros. Eddie emailed the band's official website in May reporting that his doctors had given him a clean bill of health, but the band's future was still uncertain. While many fans hope for a successful reunion with Roth, Van Halen has proved that they can retool their music to fit a new lead singer. The rock solid musicianship of its core members keeps the band relevant, and the lead vocalist slot remains one of the most coveted in rock music.

    Van Halen Warner Bros. Cameron, Sean " Van Halen. Cameron, Sean "Van Halen. Van Halen, mainstays of heavy-metal music since the late s. Membership: David Lee Roth , lead voc, gtr. Bloomington, Ind. Nijmegen, Netherlands, Jan.

    Chicago, June 20, ; Alex Van Halen, drm. Nijmegen, Netherlands, May 8, David Lee Roth left in , to be replaced by Sammy Hagar b. Monterey, Calif. July 26, Garnering a huge following among American male youth for their live shows, Van Haien was propelled by the inventive, rapid-fire playing of lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen, often regarded as the most influential guitarist since Jimmy Page. The band featured the bombastic, narcissistic, debauched personality of vocalist David Lee Roth until Nonetheless, their success continued unabated as Roth struggled to establish himself in a solo career.

    Edward and Alex Van Halen took classical piano lessons as children, moving with their family to the United States in and settling in Pasadena, Calif. Eddie took up guitar at age 12, and the brothers formed Broken Crumbs with bassist Michael Anthony in the early s.

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    Spotted by Gene Simmons of Kiss, who produced a demonstration tape for the band, Mammoth changed their name to Van Haien in and began several years of playing the Southern Calif, bar circuit. The band eventually signed with Warner Bros. Records, with Ted Templeman producing all their albums through The group quickly became established as a hugely popular live act in the United States , particularly among male white youth. Their tour yielded the live set Right Here, Right Now.